Happy Holidays!

December 17, 2017

My Mappy Hatt and I will be going out of the country next week to avoid Star Wars spoilers since I can’t see it for a while due to too much work.

I kid I kid. But in all seriousness don’t spoil Star Wars for me. We are going to Dubai for Christmas as well! Matt and I will get to celebrate New Years twice because we time travel in between flights! We only had to sacrifice christmas eve for it.

Chapter 1 is almost completely finished in color stage. Don’t worry, it won’t all be posted until next year. My goal is to keep each chapter in a good reading flow so if  I take any breaks they will be at a good time to pause the story.  Next year there will be a printed issue of No Mans Land for sale! I haven’t picked how to sell it over the internet yet, but I will be traveling to local conventions to sell my Unit 418 wares. It’s the first year of U4, so I don’t have high expectations but the fact that I’m planning anything like this around it has gotten me all giddy!!! It’s a stage I thought I’d never be at. honestly I’m enjoying every single part of this project passed getting it out in public eye because no matter how stressed this gets or how difficult, the very fact that I brought it to existence is the best feeling in the world. On that note, I urge you to get your work to this stage, it is worth every bit of blood, sweat and tears to do it.


On that note, Happy Holidays everyone!!! Next year I shall have a holiday card!

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